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The High Fidelity PA Experience

We offer an extremely high-end PA sound-system experience. Hand selected components, thoroughly tried and tested, and tuned to scientific precision. The system is the product of years of tweaking, preservation and maintenance, and the cabinets on offer have spectacular histories.

We cannot proceed without demanding undivided respect for the system and our people, in whichever configuration it may be. We do not show up with disposable, forgettable all-in-ones. We show up with history- with science- with an intersection of many disciplines to provide a musical experience to your party, without compromise.

We, then, cannot conclude without demanding of ourselves: undivided respect for the music you mean to provide to your audience. We will work our collective arses off to make your tracks sound like they are meant to sound, and then better still. We will befriend all Artists present and respect each like the world star they are. We will spare no time or expense working with them to bring out their tracks better than they ever heard before - and better than the audience ever again will.

Dal Tones' acoustical marvel

This recent development in delivering ridiculous punch and rolling synthy lows- in delivering most beautifully integrated mids and highs- in delivering an acoustic force of attraction, comes forth from a co-operation between several guru's from the rave scene on one hand, and experienced sound engineers on the other. And there's so much more to what we do than just plonking down some subs and bass cabinets.

This modular, awe-inspring sound system is the direct result of what seems to be an unresolvable conflict of interest: some of us want to explore the boundaries of loud, others hold the stance no-one should need earplugs, ever.

This system then, can give the experience of mind-bendingly loud, while staying clear of the sensitive regions of any music lover's favourite organ: the ear. We tune our system mindfully, skillfully and continuously. We tune it for the venue, the situation, and your music. We don't set and forget. We co-operate with artists prior and during their sets, to continuously fill the dance floor with the best possible representation of the tracks they mean to bring to the audience. Without overdoing it- without harming eardrums, yet leaving no stone unturned and bringing out every detail with its intended gravity.

Our system shall never in normal operation seek to limit power delivered to any speaker. Instead, we employ several specialised cabinets, and have each produce a limited bandwidth, then use sophisticated DSP processing to integrate them seemlessly into a coherent, phase-correct and lineair listening experience. No speaker shall ever sound strained or choked up - not by virtue of conventional limiting, but rather, by limiting bandwidth alone. Only then can one truly clean up muddy mids, and floppy bass.

Unlimited power versus preventing hearing damage sounds contradictory still, and when done badly, it is in fact contradictory outright. So, we seek to not employ our tens of kilowatts of power for continuous full power operation, but rather implore the artist to play with the dynamic range such limitless headroom can offer. Co-operation is always paramount to what we do.

Electronic Music and DJ's

Our system and its engineers are precisely suitable for delivering a lovely experience for your Dance event. Regardless of the subgenre, we will bring out the best.


Fundamentally, our system is tuned to linearity, which makes it a marvelous powertool for live performances by bands. We have several experienced live sound engineers on call, more than happy to truly bring your band together in an outstanding mix.

What makes it tick

We employ a selection of high-efficiency Labgruppen amplifiers, and a selection of high-fidelity Crown and SA amplifiers. Each shall be controlled by high resolution DSP channels from our Xilica rack.

JBL TCB cabinets are responsible for the infrasonic octave. CODA TSW 340 cabinets are responsible for the subsonic octave. Courtbin/W-Bin cabinets are responsible for the bass octaves. Front-loaded double 15" JBL-loaded custom cabinets are responsible for the midbass octave. RCF-loaded horn cabinets are responsible for the midrange octave. JBL T771 top speakers are responsible for the mid-high octaves, as well as the high octaves using a horn and compression driver.

All our equipment is continuously maintained by avid craftsmen and precise technicians.

Let's build a party

Should you now desire to work with us to deliver the best possible experience to both the audience and the artist, give us a ring at 0031613067151. We'll then soon grab a cup of coffee, explore your event, your intentions, and discuss what you value most in the music you mean to bring to your audience.

Only then, if it's a match, we will set up a quote for you. This way you not only know what you will be paying, but also exactly what sort of experience you may expect from us.

And sometimes, the Dal Tones system, might just not be exactly what you need. Then, we have all the right leads and connections to deliver you a solution that does fit your purpose.

Protests & The Rave Horn

During the Groningen protests organised to take a stand for the Dutch events and nightlife industry, we took a stand in particular for the less mainstream, more alternative scenes, that experience not only marginalisation due to recent government measures, but experience marginalisation altogether. We firmly believe that all expressions of creativity are equally valuable and deserve equal respect, and we observe this is rarely the case within the industry.

To do this, on our already unique and rather industrial looking car, we elected to construct the highly efficient Rave Horn designed squarely to make ourselves be heard. It was the perfect marriage between engineering and creativity, and we have now elected to never again employ it at a music event, due to the pointlessly terrifying SPL attainable with it, especially in the lower octaves.

Instead, should you parttake in a Groningen protest that aligns with our ideals, and are looking for a high-quality audio solution, get in touch with us. We much prefer to distribute our skills and equipment to spread a common message, shared between multiple voices, rather than shaking the earth to just broadcast our own.


We always seek to find new people and ideas to partner with, and to rejuvenate old connections too.

Are you a DJ or band familiar with our sound signature, or an organiser in the Northern provinces who has seen what we do? Just give us a call, and let's keep each other in the loop. Who knows what the future brings, right? (We do know by the way! Great music sounding wonderfully.)

Having a chat is always free. Hit us up- 0031613067151

We are based in Groningen City (NL) and Sellingen (NL). We operate in continental Europe.

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